What is a Dental Bridge?

Missing teeth can cause you to never want to smile. Which is a disservice to both you and everyone around you. Smiling is contagious, and no two people smile the same. That’s what makes you unique and loved for who you are. So, if you’re one who doesn’t like to smile because you may be a bit self-conscious due to missing teeth – remember you are beautiful and handsome no matter what!

Let’s get down to the more technical side of things. Missing teeth can be troublesome for a variety of reasons. Self-esteem issues, trouble eating, hard time speaking, and pain are all causes of having a missing tooth. What’s worse is that the gap can cause wearing and damage to your other teeth because they are being overused.

If you’ve ever encountered a missing tooth, there is a solution. That solution is what we are going to discuss next; a dental bridge. As a dental office, we get many dental bridge requests from our patients and our dentists in kent are very experienced with bridges. As a patient, you may be a bit worried about what a dental bridge is and how to choose if that is the best course of action. Read below to find out!

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a restoration that is performed to be a permanent or fixed solution for a missing tooth. Using the teeth on both sides of the missing space as a support anchor, allows the bridge to attach to crowns that cover the supporting teeth.

What are the benefits of dental bridges?

When you have a missing gap in your teeth, this can cause your other teeth to start moving or shifting into the open space. When you fill that missing gap with a dental bridge, it prevents this from happening.

Gaps in teeth mean the surrounding teeth must work twice as hard because they are picking up the slack for the missing tooth. This means your other teeth wear faster, could break, crack, and may even need to be replaced with a bridge. Instead of letting this happen, talk to your dentist at Seablue Dental of Kent today to discuss your options.

A few other benefits include:

  • Prevention or correction from TMJ
  • Prevention of gum disease (gingivitis)
  • Save money in the long run.
  • Complete smile without gaps

How long does a dental bridge last?

Having dental work done is an investment in your health. Much like you’d have an x-ray or put a cast on for your arms or leg, your mouth should not be an exception. When you have an issue that requires a dental bridge, you might wonder how long does a dental bridge last.

Some dental bridge work can last for the remainder of your life, and sometimes they break and need to be replaced sooner than you anticipated. It all depends on the person and the quality of the dental bridge that was created for your mouth.

Here at Seablue Dental, we custom make our patient’s dental bridges with high-quality dental materials. A dental bridge will remain in pristine condition so long as you take care of your oral hygiene and dental health. That includes not misusing your teeth, brushing and flossing twice daily, bi-annual visits to your local dentist of choice and making sure you use mouth guards while playing sports.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us for more information on dental bridges or any other question regarding your dental health!

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