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Whether you want to learn about the condition of your teeth and gums or you need immediate treatment for a particular oral problem, our dentists at Seablue Dental of Kent can help.

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Pediatric Dentistry Services

Children’s Dental Care Kent

Our team focus on the oral health for the entire family & that begins when the baby tooth emerges.

Traditional dental fillings were often made of silver amalgam. Tooth colored fillings are more common now.

There are times when it necessary to remove a tooth. Sometimes a baby tooth has misshapen.
Our teeth play important role in our lives & we need to make sure that we keep them protected.
Whether you wear braces or not, protecting your smile while playing sports is essential.
Stainless steel crowns are used by dental experts to repair primary molars (back teeth)
Baby teeth are supposed to fall out, but sometimes a child may lose a tooth

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