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Whether you want to learn about the condition of your teeth and gums or you need immediate treatment for a particular oral problem, our dentists at Seablue Dental of Kent can help.

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We Accept Guardian Dental Insurance

Preferred provider (PPO) for Guardian Dental Insurance

Guardian dental insurance

Seablue Dental of Kent is proud to be an in-network preferred provider for Guardian Dental PPO insurance plans in Kent, WA. If you are a resident of the Kent area and looking for a dentist that accepts Guardian Insurance, your search ends with us. We also accept all other major insurances and offer in-house membership plans for our uninsured patients.

To see the complete list of dental insurances we are in-network with, click here. If your dental insurance is not listed on our page, please call our office at 253-336-3000 to verify. Our friendly front office staff will be happy to check your eligibility coverage and benefits.

As a Guardian dental provider with their PPO plans for many years, we know that our patients with Guardian PPO plans are receiving quality care at guaranteed rates set in place by Guardian Dental Insurance Company. With Guardian dental PPO plans, you can choose your dentist and not be assigned one. This allows you to get the dental treatment you want, and not just whatever may be the cheapest for the insurance company to pay! If you’re unfamiliar with the term PPO, it means Preferred Provider Organization, which allows you as the patient to go anywhere usually. But if you do go to a Preferred Provider, you will get a reduced rate on your dental treatment.

Our administrative professionals are dedicated to processing and filing insurance claims for Guardian policyholders, ensuring you get the best possible value from your insurance plans at every turn. Our highly-rated dentists provide the very best in general dentistry, routine preventative care, cosmetic procedures, and oral surgery to serve patients throughout the region. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our excellent care providers. We provide the best care to each and every member of your family, from the youngest to the oldest.

Dentist That Accepts Guardian Dental Insurance

Seablue Dental understands the challenge of finding a reputable dentist that accepts Guardian Dental Insurance. We also recognize the potential difficulties involved in maximizing your dental coverage and filing claims without assistance. Our commitment to exceptional customer service and high-quality dental care includes providing support to our patients in any way possible. Our compassionate administrative professionals are ready to help file your claims and guide you through the process, while our experienced dentists offer top-notch care in the Kent area.

Schedule a consultation with one of our outstanding care providers today to experience the best in dental care for your entire family, regardless of age. We are an in-network preferred provider for Guardian Dental PPO insurance plans and accept all other major insurances. For uninsured patients, we offer in-house membership plans. If you don’t see your insurance listed on our website, please contact us at 253-336-3000, and our friendly staff will be happy to verify your eligibility, coverage, and benefits. End your search for a dentist that accepts Guardian Dental Insurance with Seablue Dental.

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