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Finish your milk, it’s excellent for your bones, is a phrase that we have all heard. If you currently have children of your own, you could notice that you frequently repeat the advice you received as a child.

While often going far to encourage their children to behave or eat their vegetables, parents are accurate when it comes to milk. For growing youngsters, getting enough dairy each day is essential because it can help them develop strong, long-lasting teeth.

Take a look at tooth structure to better understand the impact of dairy on your child’s teeth. Think of it as having three layers: the live tissue is the innermost layer, followed by dentine, which is a calcified tissue, and the enamel, which is the tooth’s white portion. Remember that minerals like calcium make up 96 percent of your enamel.

It is clear that dairy products are associated with good dental health since milk and other dairy products are excellent sources of calcium and the necessity to develop strong enamel for the first line of defense. When your child consumes dairy products, the body transfers the calcium to their developing teeth and other growing bones.

Children’s teeth and bones become more robust as a result. Lack of dairy in the diets of growing children increases the risk of incorrect tooth growth as well as other dental issues.

Children under the age of eight should consume at least two and a half cups of dairy each day, says the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Three full cups are needed for children above the age of eight, which is the same amount that is advised for both male and female adults.

Try snacks like cottage cheese, a milk-based smoothie, yogurt, cheese sticks, non-fat milk, and fruit parfaits, to name a few, if you’re looking for simple ways to include dairy in your kids’ diets. It shouldn’t be difficult to add the right quantity of dairy to their diet after you get a sense of what they enjoy the most.

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