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Can Root Canal Treatment Save My Tooth?

Beyond only causing cavities, tooth decay can cause other problems. It has the ability to reach the tooth’s interior, including the pulp and the minuscule canals that connect the tooth to the bone.

If it occurs, “drilling and filling” won’t be enough. Your tooth may fall out if nothing is done. A root canal treatment is that intervention; it cleans out the tooth’s inside of infection and protects it from re-infection. Your Kent Dentist at Seablue Dental can help!

You’ve probably heard the stale myth that root canal procedures hurt. That is untrue today thanks to advances in anesthesia procedures. Actually, root canal therapy eliminates the discomfort brought on by diseased nerves in the pulp and root canals. It saves your tooth, which is more vital.

Your Kent dentist can complete a root canal in only one appointment. An endodontist, a dentist who focuses on the anatomy and therapies of root canals, may be needed if the decay is more severe or if the root canal networks are complex. Endodontists are equipped with cutting-edge methods and tools to treat even the most complex cases. For more interesting details on the root canal surgery, click here.

The fundamental method is the same regardless of who conducts it, as is the aim: to totally remove all diseased tissue from the tooth and seal it with a specific filling to avoid re-infection. We first create an access hole, typically in the biting surface of a back tooth or the back of a front tooth, in order to reach the infected pulp. After removing the contaminated tissue with specialist tools, we cleanse the area with antibacterial treatments.

The empty pulp chamber and root canals are then filled with a material known as gutta percha, sealed off with adhesive cement, and the access hole is filled. The sealants and fillings mentioned above stop bacteria from returning to the tooth. We also advise installing a full-coverage dental crown for supplementary defense against infection and fracture. Additionally, it improves the tooth’s look, which must be altered during the root canal process.

The end effect is that your once-vulnerable tooth has now, hopefully for a very long time, been preserved. Therefore, if your Kent dentist advises that you get a root canal, don’t hesitate because the tooth you preserve might be your own.

If you would like more information or need a dental checkup, please schedule an appointment with your best local dentist in Kent at Seablue Dental.

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