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Mouth closed or open. After supper or after lunch? Either flat or angled?

We (ideally) brush our teeth every day, but who knew it was so difficult. Just pick up a brush and start painting, right?

Keep it slow, my friend! When brushing those dazzling whites, there are a few basic practices to keep in mind.

The secret is to cut through the clutter and identify what actually works. Alternate facts, truthiness, and lists like “7 Ways to Keep Your Teeth Clean Without Picking Up a Toothbrush” are all part of our daily lives. What even is correct today?

Do not be alarmed; our helpful FAQ (frequently asked questions) manual has you covered. We’ll keep things straightforward with a few dos and don’ts of brushing. Let’s get to it!

Proper Brushing Habits

: Hold your brush flat
Do: Hold the brush at a 45-degree angle while brushing

Don’t: Use long strokes. No need to cover your whole mouth in one stroke!
Do: Use short, side to side strokes

Don’t: Brush with the force of a giant. This isn’t a strongman contest!
Do: Cover each area gently. Using mild pressure can keep your enamel from deteriorating.

Don’t: Go one and done
Do: Brush at least twice a day, especially after eating or drinking something acidic (like citrus or soda)

Don’t: Be sentimental and use the same toothbrush for life
Do: Change your toothbrush every 3-4 months. A trick to remember: switch out on the first day of each season

Don’t: Be average – the average person brushes their teeth for 45 seconds
Do: Brush for a full 2 minutes. A helpful trick: say the alphabet while brushing a certain section, move to the next section after you hit Z.

Don’t: Keep your toothbrush in a closed container
Do: All your toothbrush to air dry

Don’t: Store your toothbrush on the sink counter where bathroom particles can get on it
Do: Store your toothbrush in the medicine cabinet

Don’t: Wield a tough-bristled brush
Do: Use a soft-bristled toothbrush, which is much better for your tooth enamel

There you have it, then! Some simple techniques to maintain that gorgeous smile. Just keep in mind that brushing only takes 4 minutes out of the day, so why not make it the most enjoyable 4 minutes possible? To maintain good dental health, make an appointment with your dentist every six months for your periodic exam and cleaning.

If you would like more information or need a dental checkup, please schedule an appointment with your best local dentist in Kent at Seablue Dental.

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