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Whether you want to learn about the condition of your teeth and gums or you need immediate treatment for a particular oral problem, our dentists at Seablue Dental of Kent can help.

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In-Network Insurance Plans

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Commonly Accepted Dental Insurances

At Seablue Dental of Kent, our goal is to provide excellent dental care to all our patients at affordable rates. Dental insurances we are in-network with and the in-house membership & flexible financing plans we offer are a great means to make the dental care much accessible and affordable for your entire family.

Dental Insurances are often times provided by employers or it can be self funded by the patients. These insurances charge the employers and/or the patients monthly premiums and thereby able to subsidize the cost of the treatment quite a bit. Patients are able to receive certain preventative procedures at no cost or sometimes with a minimal copay depending upon their insurance plans.

Seablue Dental is proud to be your in-network preferred provider in Kent WA for most major dental insurance plans. Some of the key insurances we accept are listed below. Please call our office to find out about your insurance coverage and plan benefit details. Our friendly front office staff will be happy to check your plan details and let you know about your copay and covered treatment cost.

When you choose Dental Insurance from Guardian, you’ll have access to Guardian’s DentalGuard Preferred Network – now one of the largest and strongest in the nation. With more than 94,000 dentists in more than 229,000 locations nationwide, you’re virtually guaranteed to find a choice of pre-screened, in-network dentists within minutes of your home or workplace. But choice of providers is just one reason to go with Guardian. You’ll also enjoy discounts averaging 32% off regular rates; Maximum Rollover, which lets you roll over a portion of your unused benefits for future use; Preventive Advantage, which can make it easier for you to access today’s valuable preventive services, up to and including periodontal maintenance; and a range of time-saving special features like the ability to locate an in-network provider via smart phone. Most importantly, Guardian Dental Insurance provides sweeping coverage for the full range of dental services – from routine checkups, x-rays, cleanings and fillings to dental implants, oral cancer screenings, adult fluoride treatments and more. Visit Guardian Dental Insurance website or contact us for more details.

Aetna dental insurance is widely available to make your dental care easy and affordable. Depending on where you live, you may have access to a broad and diverse range of affordable dental insurance plans and programs. Plus, you’ll have access to one of the largest networks of dental care providers in the country. Visit Aetna Dental Insurance website or contact us for more details.

Your dental benefits are an important part of managing your health and creating a personal safety net. That’s why MetLife and its affiliates are committed to providing access to group dental plans that help you live healthier and save Visit Metlife Dental Insurance website or contact us for more details.

With a Cigna dental plan, you’ll get coverage for many services, not just routine cleanings and X-rays. Save the most when you stay in network. But, whether you choose an in-network or out-of-network dentist or specialist, you’ll still enjoy a wide range of dental coverage, including: Preventive care (cleanings, routine x-rays, and more) Basic care (fillings, non-routine x-rays, basic restorative work) Major services (bridges, crowns, root canals and more) Visit Cigna Dental Insurance website or contact us for more details.

Delta Dental of Washington has been helping Washington families find their smiles for more than 50 years. The Washington State Dental Service Corporation was founded in the 1950s to provide dental care to the children of union members. Since then, the name has changed and the charter has expanded to make good dental care available to everyone – young or old. What hasn’t changed is the dedication to your family’s well-being. Visit Delta Dental of Washington website or contact us for more details.

Coverage WA families can count on! Take care of yourself and your family with quality dental plans, provider networks and programs that make it easy to access care and save money. With coverage backed by the most trusted name in health insurance, you’re ready for whatever life brings your way. Visit Regence Blueshield Dental Insurance website or contact us for more details.

Premera is a Blue Cross health insurance plan that offers a variety of medical and dental coverage. For patients in the Kent or South Seattle area, Premera offers Select Dental Plans with varying deductibles. Each plan also offers a family coverage option. On many dental plans, the deductible is waived for preventive care. Otherwise, like your medical plan, you’ll have a deductible to meet before Premera starts contributing to the cost of your care. Once you meet your deductible, you’ll pay coinsurance, which is a percentage you pay at the time of care. Premera will pay its share of qualified expenses when you use an in-network provider.

Dental plans have an annual maximum, which is the most dental benefits Premera will pay for a member in a plan year. Check your plan details for your deductible and annual maximum amounts. Both the high and low deductible plans give patients access to a large network of Premera dental providers across Washington (and out-of-state), and provide coverage for more than 200 dental services and procedures, including visits for the most common dental issues (cavities, cleanings, crowns, etc.). With Premera’s comprehensive Washington dental insurance coverage, patients can also have access to affordable emergency palliative treatment, root canals, oral surgery, x-ray imaging, and more.

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