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A cavity starts off as a relatively minor problem that can grow into a major pain. Common dental problems like cavities can be kept at bay with dental sealants. This is a simple and effective treatment that you can have completed in just one appointment with your dentist at Seablue Dental of Kent.

What Are Dental Sealants?
A dental sealant is a plastic-based compound that can be applied to the surface of your teeth to protect it from the bacteria that causes cavities. The enamel of your teeth can become weak due to eating or drinking sugary or acidic foods, or by failing to maintain good dental care habits. The sealant provides added protection from food and bacteria entering the tooth. Dentists often recommend that young children have this treatment because their teeth are at high risk of cavities.

Applying the Sealant
The molars are the targeted area where your dentist will apply the sealant because of the many fissures and pits where cavities can form. You may not even know you have a cavity until you start to feel pain, which is why it’s so important to visit your dentist at Seablue Dental of Kent for regular checkups. After a thorough cleaning, the sealant is carefully “painted” onto the tops of the molars using a special dental tool, and then a curing light hardens it in place.

Sealants Last for a Long Time
Once your sealant is in place, you can relax knowing that your teeth are protected for a long time. In many cases, sealants will last for several years before you have to make an appointment to have it reapplied. However, it’s still very important to maintain twice-yearly dentist appointments for cleanings and checkups.

Make Your Appointment Today
If you have had a problem with cavities in the past or just want to minimize the potential for problems in the future, call us at (253) 336-3000 to ask about dental sealants. Your dentist at Seablue Dental Clinic of Kent are experts in family dentistry and committed to provide families with comfortable, quality care.


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